Dining Hall Job Descriptions

All Students: Follow HACCP guidelines per training. Be friendly and courteous. Maintain contact with kitchen staff, management, serving staff and customers to ensure quality customer service. Set up and replenish your assigned station. Clean your station before, during and after your shift. Be on time, dressed appropriately and ready to work. Be prepared to perform miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Job TitleDescriptionPayrate
Line ServerSet up/break down serving line. Restock as needed before, during, and after meal period. Serve food following assigned portion controls. Assemble plates or food items per customer order.$8.55
Line CheckerSwipe meal cards as instructed. May also include the following: wipe all dining room tables; sweep and mop linoleum floors; vacuum rugs in dining area.$8.55
Dining Room AttendantWipe/sanitize all dining room tables. Sweep and mop linoleum floors. Vacuum rugs in dining area. Assist runners when needed. Assist in keeping beverage areas neat and clean.$8.55
Line Runner – Desserts, Salads, DeliAssist in keeping the serving lines stocked with food and plates. Set up the cold serving lines prior to meal time. Break down and clean cold serving stations. May assist in cutting/portioning/dishing items for station stocking.$8.55
CounterIncludes Exhibition, Deli, Sushi Roller, Smoothie. Set-up/break down of exhibition/counter stations. Restock products as necessary, before, during, and after serving times. Prepare specialty food and/or beverage items per customer specifications while following assigned portion control measurements and safe food handling practices. This may include use of commercial kitchen appliances, knives, and general cooking equipment. Prepare house-packaged items as directed. Strict attention to food service regulations and superior customer service skills are required along with the ability to acquire the specific food preparation skills needed. Failure to successfully perform these functions may result in removal from position (no disciplinary action indicated).$8.55
DishesAssist in cleaning off cafeteria trays returned by diners. Rinse off and stack glasses, silverware, and plates. Run racks through dishwasher. Take out clean dishes, separate silverware into bins, and keep dish room clean.$8.55
PotsAssist in washing/sanitizing/drying all pots, pans, and serving utensils as required. Store each item properly and safely. Keep washing area clean.$8.55
Student ManagerAssist the managers with checking student workers in. Keep students on task (correct and discipline as necessary). Perform any/all student jobs as required including during student meal breaks. Prepare write-ups as needed. Confirm student work has been completed at closing time and release students to leave. Other tasks as assigned by manager.

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These positions require at least one full semester of CDS experience, experience in most student jobs, and approval for hire by the manager. Inquire about positions at cdsjobs@oberlin.edu.
CateringSet up catered events including: linens, stemware, etc. Pull together equipment needed for the event. Waiters/Waitresses provide table side and buffet line food and beverage service for guests. Special dress code is required. Must work well with the public and co-workers.$8.55