Campus Dining Services is committed to providing a food service program that meets the needs of Oberlin College students. Students can give feedback about the dining program and/or become better acquainted with administrators and dining management team through the following channels:

Comment Cards

Comment cards are available at every dining facility. Fill out a card with your comments or suggestions and leave it on the comment board. You may also fill out an online comment card:

Submit a Comment Card

Comment card responses can be viewed online:

View Comment Cards

Comment Tables

Comment tables are offered once a semester at each dining hall. The food service director, campus dietitian, and Residential Life and Dining Services administrators are available to answer questions and listen to suggestions about the dining program.

A member of the staff is also on duty at every meal to help students find what they need or to answer questions. Students can also call Campus Dining Services at 440-775-8101.

Dining Committee

The Housing and Dining Committee provides a monthly open forum for students to voice their opinions about the housing and food service programs. Learn more about the committee.