Green Dot Meal Plan

Are you tired of packing your lunch every day? Did you know that Oberlin College has a low-cost, time-saving alternative for you?

Oberlin College students, faculty/staff, and family members are eligible for Green Dot meals.

Buy 4 meals at $7.50 each and receive 1 free; this calculates to a cost of $6.00 per meal.

Each set of Green Dot meals consists of:

5 meals for $30.00

If you are on the 10, 12, 14, or Block meal plans, you are limited to one set of Green Dot meals per month. If you are on a different meal plan, have no meal plan, or are a faculty/staff member, there is no limit to the number of Green Dot meals you may purchase.

Meals are placed on your ID card and can be used for meals at Stevenson, Dascomb, Lord/Saunders, or the Science Center Cart.

You may purchase a set of meals in the Residential Education Office in Stevenson-Griswold. You may pay with cash, check, Obie Dollars, or Student/Faculty/Staff Charge.

Green Dot meals do not expire, but meals that are not used cannot be refunded.