Flex Points & Block Plan Schedule

Flex Points

The Flex Points program is a debit account built into meal plans (1 flex point = 1 dollar). Flex Points may be used to purchase food at our à la carte dining facilities or additional meals at other CDS dining facilities.

CDS Flex Points roll over between months and from Fall semester to Spring semester, but not between academic years. Any Flex Points left in your account at the end of Spring Semester will be lost.

Monthly Flex Points are deposited into your account on the following dates. Please refer to the Meal Plans to determine how many Flex Points per month come with each meal plan.

Block Plan

The block meal plan features 40 meals per month, which are deposited onto your card on the following dates. Meals roll over from month to month until the end of the semester. Any unused meals at the end of the semester will be lost.

Flex Points and Block Plan Deposit Dates, 2017-2018
Saturday, August 26
Monday, September 25
Monday, October 23
Monday, November 20
Saturday, February 3
Monday, March 5
Monday, April 2
Monday, April 30