Catering Guidelines

Campus Catering at Oberlin College invites you to use our services for all of your special event needs. We can help!

Schedule Your Event

The success of your event is dependent on careful planning and timing. With your cooperation, the professionals at the Oberlin College Campus Catering will provide a memorable event for your group. First, you will decide what kind of event you would like to have; will it be a breakfast, luncheon, dinner, or reception? Next, you will need to plan the date, time of your event and book the appropriate space. It has been the experience of Oberlin College Campus Catering that the earlier you book your event, the more pleasing the results. Please use the following time table for booking your event.

Major events with over 100 guests should be booked a minimum of ten business days in advance.

Breakfasts, luncheons, meetings and small receptions should be booked a minimum of five business days in advance.

Small breaks should be booked a minimum of three business days in advance.

To book your event, call Oberlin College Campus Catering at x58420. At that time, we will discuss your needs, estimated attendance and style of your function. Please have an estimated number of event attendees, start and end times, your room reserved and your department account number available when booking the event. Campus Catering will try to accommodate requests for short notice caterings, within reason; but, unfortunately can not guarantee the availability of services or product. A late fee will be charged for orders booked with insufficient notice.

Location Reservations

Room or area reservations should be arranged with the appropriate facility scheduler.

Residential hall areas are reserved through the area coordinators.

The Root and Fowler rooms in the Carnegie Building are reserved through the Student Union at x58106.

Other areas are secured through the building representatives found in the Oberlin College phone directory.

Call Oberlin College Campus Catering for any questions regarding facilities at (440) 775-8420. All non-college event requests and all summer facility requests should be directed through the Office of Conference Services at (440) 775-8730.

When securing your room or area reservation, please allow ample time for set up and breakdown of your event. For example, a party of 25 guests would require one and one half hours for set-up. Please consult with the Oberlin College Campus Catering to determine exact times for your function.

Menu Design

Our Catering Director will meet with you to discuss the requirements of your event, such as the event's theme, type of service, table appointments, floral decoration, linen, rentals and special dietary meals. Our Executive Chef will assist in selecting or recommending a menu that will meet the needs of your guests.

Linen Fees

Linens lend a finished look to an event. Tablecloths and skirting are included with most food and beverage set-ups. Tablecloths for meetings and non-food tables are available at an additional charge.

China Fees

Biodegradable service ware is included, at no additional charge, with every event. China service is standard for plate-waited meals and most dinner buffets. For all other events, china service is available at an additional charge.

Coffee or beverage china service: $1.00 per guest Reception china service: $1.50 per guest Lunch buffet: $ 2.00 per guest

Other Fees

Beyond standard services, additional labor costs may be applied for upgrades or special services. If there is a program before or after the meal, please notify the Catering Director. At the time of request, we will provide an estimate of any possible upcharges that will be incurred.

Audio Visual Equipment

Please contact the Oberlin College Audio Visual Department at (440) 775-8757 or Concert Sound Department at (440) 775-6703 for your audio visual needs.

Catering Confirmation & Payment Information

Once your final menu selections and catering arrangements are made, a catering event order form will be provided to you. Please review the information on the event order form carefully. Your department account number will be charged upon completion of your event. If your event is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the event, any incurred expenses will be billed to your department budget number.

Number of Guaranteed Attendees

Campus Catering requires a guaranteed number of guests to be confirmed no later than three business days before the small events and six business days for major events. This will ensure sufficient amounts of food for your guests. Your final charge will be based on the number of guaranteed guests or on the final guest count, whichever is higher.


Written notification of cancellation is required within a minimum of 48 business hours prior to the event. If the cancellation occurs after this time period, any incurred expenses will be billed to your department budget number.

Helpful Telephone Numbers at Oberlin College

Department Phone
Audio Visual Department (440) 775-8757
Concert Sound Department (440) 775-6703
Conference Services (440) 775-8730
Residential Life & Dining Services (440) 775-8472
Transportation Department (440) 775-8445
Campus Catering (440) 775-8420
Campus Catering Fax (440) 775-6598
Student Union (room scheduling) (440) 775-8184