Special Diets & Nutrition Consultation

Registered Dietitian

We encourage all students with dietary concerns to meet with the dietitian to discuss available resources including introduction to the managers and details on where we provide special food in each dining hall (e.g. rice bread and gluten free pizza).

Eric Pecherkiewicz, dietitian
(440) 775-5522

Manager Resource

We have on staff two chefs and building managers who are sensitive to the needs of those with allergies. We encourage all students, but particularly those with food allergies, to meet and get to know our managers; they are available to answer questions whenever the dining halls are open.

Staff Training

Food allergy and food safety issues are reviewed twice each year with all cooking staff and managers. In addition, our management staff provides ongoing training and correction as needed. All servers are provided information about each dish they are serving. All servers are trained to refer ingredients to the management staff that is more fully trained to answer food allergy questions.


We provide "Menu Identifiers" at each station of our resident dining halls that specify the culinary ingredients. We provide full and complete ingredient lists on all retail pre-packaged merchandise.

Cooking Standards

Oberlin College in partnership with Bon Appetit Management Company strives to provide excellent food prepared in the safest, healthiest and most socially responsible manner possible. Upon delivery, we inspect our food with safety and quality in mind. Foods are cooked from scratch from top quality natural ingredients (without added antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones) with the healthiest cooking method utilized. Products that are produced locally, using sustainable and organic practices are preferred. (40% of annual food purchases are local).

Housing and Dining Accommodations

The Department of Residential Education and Dining Services understands that some students may have medical conditions that require special housing and/or dining accommodations. For more information on accomodations, visit the Office of Disability Services website.

Your request will be handled confidentially by appropriate Oberlin College professionals. The accommodation committee will try to accommodate your prescribed housing and dining needs, but cannot always accommodate your preferences.

Please note that the accommodation committee will determine whether the college will consider the request as temporary or as necessary for the remaining time of your college career.