Health and Nutrition Initiative Timeline

Healthy Cooking Initiatives

Year House-Made Well-Being Description
2001 1% from-scratch cooking: roasting deli meat
2001 1% sustainable seafood purchasing - Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch
2002 2% rBGH-free milk: Family Fresh Farms/Hartzler's Dairy
2003 5% antibiotic-free, natural chicken: Gerber's Chicken
2004 9% only trans-fat free cooking oils used
2005 15% antibiotic-free, natural turkey: Cooper's Farm; only cage-free shell eggs; only grass-fed natural beef chuck
2006 22% 55% Bon Appetit Mercury Awareness Program: only serve seafood with minimal mercury risk; Bon Appetit healthy cooking initiative program
2007 30% from-scratch cooking: stocks, all salad dressings (except fat-free)
2007 30% Nutrition Analysis of at least one entree each meal at Stevenson
2007 30% Stevenson and Dascomb - new cooking process increases ability to offer "fried foods" with lower fat and calories while maintaining flavor profile without frying
2009 65% nutrition analysis of Well-Being entrees
2010 75% Well-Being and in balance meal initiated
2011 70% provide healthy cooking class to students and staff during Winter Term (2nd year)
2011 80% 75% campus-wide nutrition scan
2012 80% 75% simple 600
2013 Well-Being Indicatorâ„¢

Vegetarian & Vegan

Year Well-Being Description
1998 offer separate food line with vegetarian and vegan entrees
1999 20% vegetarian/vegan comfort station entree at lunch; vegetarian and vegan entree at dinner
2003 35% vegan + vegetarian icons; expanded vegan options: pasta, grill, deli
2006 42% vegan lunch entrees 3 days per week; dessert at least once each week
2008 44% vegan desserts 3 days per week
2010 47% vegan comfort entrees 4 days per week
2011 50% vegan margarine + cream cheese
2012 50% vegan options webpage

Food Safety Training

Year ServSafe Certified Cooks Description
2003 allergy awareness classes offered to all management + cooking staff; now required biannually
2005 12% ServSafe training offered to all cooking staff; continue with biannual and ongoing in-house food safety training
2009 74% all cooking staff offered ServSafe recertification every 5 years
2009 more rigorous time + temperature logs protocol and tracking system
2011 90% FAAN VP Dr. Chris Weiss audits our allergy protocol and program
2012 "made without gluten" menu items identified on online menus
2013 94% "made without gluten" menu signs introduced at Stevenson + Dascomb