CDS Recyclers

What We Do

We work on sustainability initiatives related to dining services. We focus primarily on food production, energy efficiency, waste reduction and education, though we are always open to new projects and suggestions. In the past, we've worked to create the trayless program, to remove disposable bottled water from dining sales, and to improve Stevenson's lighting efficiency. We're currently working on a composting plan for post-consumer food waste, expanding the reusable container program, reducing meat consumption, as well as conducting waste and energy audits. We'd love to hear your thoughts on and ideas for sustainability in dining services!

Who We Are

Liv Scott

Liv Scott (she/her/hers)

I am a biology and environmental studies major interested in biomimicry and urban planning. I have been a CDS Recycler since my freshmen year, when I started developing signage for the dining hall recycling programs. When I am not auditing the dining hall's recycling bins, I am reading a book, drawing or thinking about how nature's strategies can be applied to cities. I recently finished launching the compost system for CDS and OSCA, and organized the Zero Waste Orientation Event. I also work to educate and make posters for the campus on CDS's recycling programs. Lastly, I am an auditor of the dining halls, to make sure we are following through to minimize our waste production.

Emma Webster

Emma Webster (she/her/hers)

Hi! I'm an Ohio native and a second year psychology major. This my second year working as a CDS recycler. My area of focus is Oberlin's "Go More Meatless" campaign; an effort to reduce meat consumption in CDS due to the huge carbon footprint of animal products. My goal is to educate my fellow students how incredible of an impact they can have on the environment when they reduce or cut out meat from their diet. When not working on campus sustainability initiatives, you can find me on the rugby pitch or wandering around campus with my camera.

Nora Cooper

Nora Cooper (she/her/hers)

Nora Cooper (she/her/hers) is a fourth year from Rochester, NY double majoring in English and Africana Studies. She is a member of Oberlin's Resource Conservation Team, a student aiming to reduce campus waste by implementing sustainable, closed-loop systems. On the RCT, she focuses on residential composting and Oberlin's food rescue. In her spare time you will find Nora swimming, writing, and digging through piles of garbage.

Affiliated Staff:

Michele Gross, Eric Pecherkiewicz, Bridget Flynn

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