Reducing Food Waste

Food Recovery

Stevenson donates leftover prepared foods to Oberlin Community Services every week.

If we have produce or other perishable foods left when we shut down for a break, anything that will not last until we re-open is donated to Vine of Hope who distribute the food to those in need throughout Lorain County.


Stevenson and Dascomb partner with Barnes Nursery to divert post-consumer waste (aka plate food scraps and napkins) from landfill to be composted. Stevenson uses a pulper/extractor to reduce the volume and weight of our post-consumer waste.

About our pulper/extractor

Our pulper/extractor was installed in Stevenson Dining Hall in 2011. The pulping process reduces waste to about one-eighth of the original volume. The machine is not a composter, but it has an extractor that squeezes out most of the liquid, leaving a pulp material that’s drier, lighter and easier to work with. This has allowed us to reduce our food waste by 80 percent.

Next time you eat at Stevenson, be sure to scrape all of your food waste and napkins into the clear plastic bins so that we can compost it.

This project would not have been possible without funding from and the dedication of: