Sustainability Initiative Timeline

Food Waste Audits

Year Description
Fall 1999 382.3 pounds/day in average diner waste (Stevenson, Dascomb, Lord/Saunders & Talcott)
Fall 2001 518 pounds/day in average diner waste (Stevenson)
Fall 2006 369 pounds/day in average diner waste (Stevenson)
Spring 2008 230 pounds/day in average diner waste (Stevenson)
February, 2009 1st week 105 pounds/meal, 2nd week 91 pounds/meal, 3rd week 73 pounds/meal, 4th week 62 pounds/meal
March, 2009 73 pounds/meal

Education, Collaboration and Awards

Year Description
1995 Dining Committee re-constituted comprised of General Mgr, Res Ed Director, Res Ed Asst Director, Student Mgr, 2 board diners and 1 OSCA member
2005 "Save the Seafood" Tour-OC, BA Foundation, Monterey Bay Aquarium
2006 "Sustainable Purchasing Program"-OC, BA Foundation, Local Growers
2007 Voted 6th most vegetarian-friendly college by PETA
2007 Featured in New York Times article "Food for Thought: Satisfying Picky," April 22, 2007
2007 Named Sierra Club's top school "that got it" sustainability-wise
2007 Think TV filmed documentary for our Ohio - Calala's shrimp farm
2007 Think TV filmed documentary for our Ohio - Jones Farm and Oberlin College's CDS Programs
2007 Little Green Book for New Students "How To Reduce Waste As A CDS Student Diner" introduced
2008 Named a "Campus Sustainability Leader" by the Sustainability Endowments Institute
2008 Named a "Campus Food & Recycling Leader" by the Sustainability Endowments Institute
2008 WVIZ filmed documentary for PBS's Applause- "Urban Gardens"

Green Packaging

Year % Bioware Description
1997 Reusable Mg Program- use and receive $.50 off any fountain drink
1998 Trial Grab and go reusable carry-out container program
1998 Biodegradable and compostable corn-based cutlery
1998 Recycled & unbleached paper napkins
1998 Recycle: plastic containers, tin cans, glass bottles and cardboard boxes from delivery packaging
2002 10% Biodegrable and compostable carry-out containers: 15 oz salad bowl, 30 oz salad bowl, corn-based cutlery, cellophane bags, recycled cookie bags
2003 20% Paper Straws and wooden stir-sticks
2004 25%
2005 30%
2006 40%
2007 45% Grab and go reusable container program reintroduced
2008 45% Introduce the reusable bag in the Wilder DeCafe

Sustainable Practices and Programs

Year Description
1999 Oberlin College bans the sale of plain bottled water on campus
1999 Created CDS Recycling Student Job Position
2000 Fair Trade, Shade-Grown Coffee sold exclusively on campus-Green Mountain, Pura Vida, Crooked River Coffee Company
2001 Eco Lab-Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Chemicals
2002 Energy Star Equipment
2004 Recycle 14 gallons used food-grade cooking oil each week- Jones Farm, Full Circle Fuels, Calala Haven, Inc.
2004 Compost 10 gallons of coffee grounds and 100 pounds of kitchen scraps each week- George Jones Farm
2004 BA Greenhouse Construction Partnership with George Jones Farm
2005 OC, BA, City Fresh partner on Box Truck operated on used vegetable oil
2006 First Green Commencement (composted 500 pounds of containers and food waste)
2006 Environmentally friendly chairs at Stevenson & Dascomb
2007 Biodiesel Catering Van
2007 BA Low Carbon Diet day begins at OC
2008 Recycle 100% of used food-grade cooking oil/week or 91 gallons of oil/week - Jones Farm, Full Circle Fuels, Calala Haven, Inc.
2008 Second Green Commencement (composted 300 pounds of containers and food waste)
2008 Introduce trayless program

Local Food Vendors

Year Farm to Fork Local Description
1995 Whitehouse Springs, A. Lo Presti's & Sons
1999 OC purchases shares in George Jones Farm
1999 Miller's Orchard, George Jones Memorial Farm, Gibson's Bakery
2000 5% Green Mountain Coffee; 1st all-Ohio meal; Oberlin College's Buy Local program
2001 5% 10% Bon Appetit's farm to fork program begins at OC; added Jorgensen's Apiary
2002 7% 15% Family Fresh Co-op Milk, Woo City, Judy's Oasis, Inc.
2002 20% Crooked River and Ag Access
2003 9% 20% Moreland Fruit Farm, Schlabach Amish Bakery, Mrs. Miller's Noodles, Stutzman's Farm, Toft's Dairy, Pura Vida Coffee
2004 10% 25% Hartzler's Dairy, Spring Creek Tofu; Crooked River Coffee Company, Stan Evans Bakery
2005 13% 25% 1st Eat Local Challenge meal
2005 25% Fruitique, City Fresh, Prestis' sandwiches
2006 15% 25% Calala's Water Haven, Inc., Cherry Knoll Farms, Creekside Mushrooms, Inc., Michigan Sugar Company
2007 17% 25% Hirzel Canning Company & Farms- tomato products
2007 25% Black River Cafe- muffins
2007 25% 50 Local Vendors
2009 20% 25% Sirna & Sons, Inc. replaces A. Lo Prestis & Sons as iocal purveyor
2010 23% 27%
2011 23% 27% Caruso Coffee, Cleveland, Ohio
2012 23% 27% New Creations Farm pork
2013 Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - Columbus; Crimson Cup Coffee - Columbus, Shagbark Seed & Mill - Athens


City Fresh is a distributor for the following Farms:

Sirna & Sons, Inc. is a distributor for the following farms or packers: